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Offensive OSINT


This website was designed and setup in support of the Offensive OSINT workshop, run on December 2018 in Amsterdam in partnership with Chameleon Associates. It will hold links to handouts, presentations, support material and training aids to be used during the sessions.



  1. Open Source Intelligence : what is it? How useful is it?
  2. Requirement analysis : constructing answerable questions
  3. Collection plan : creating a plan of attack
  4. Cyber weapons : your coat of arms
  5. Safe(r) searching : the minimum to protect your identity and information profile
  6. Privacy and anonymity : what to do, how to do it, tips and techniques
  7. The Deep Web and the Onion router
  8. Search tips for Google and other main stream search engines


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This chapter will hold a list of changes to the programme, the course website or otherwise.

  1. date
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  1. Analysing Twitter followers
  2. Marc Tarabella
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Quick Reference Sheets

Please find below a list quick reference sheets that may come in handy while searching, or better, when preparing to search.

  1. Quick reference forms
    1. Firefox shortcut keys
    2. Questions checklist
    3. Search plan checklist (example of The Jumping Cow)
  2. Search languages
    1. Internet search engines:
      1. Bing
      2. DuckDuckGo
      3. Exalead
      4. Google
      5. MS KQL
      6. Yandex
    2. Social Media search engines:
      1. Twitter
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There will be a link here to the Teacher's Notes, made during the course and maybe of interest to the participants.

Teacher's notes

Mac users
  • For Mac users, here is a very short introduction on how to get the console (command) box on a Mac. The console is needed for the exercises in the modules Understanding the Internet, and, Safe(r) Searching.
  • The preferred editor for Mac is TextWrangler
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    Further reading

    Background literature and further reading for Open Source Intelligence and analyses techniques.

    The list is ordered by author name, or if anonymous, the first word of the title except articles. click on a title will open up the report in a new window or a new tab, depending on the settings of your browser.

    Please note, in order or new windows to work, your browser must be configured to be able to do that. Check your security restrictions.

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    Contact information

    Please find below the contact details of the RIS Team. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact mr. John Lynch. John is the RIS business development manager and is responsible for programme development, customers relations and organization of the training programme.

    1. Arno H.P. Reuser, Director
      Director, owner and founder Reuser's Information Services, principal teacher OSINT Open Source Intelligence, cyber hygiene, cyber security, monitoring services.
      a@reuser.biz, +31 6 3812 7715 (mobile), GMT+2. English, German, Dutch
    2. Websites:
      1. Training course website: http://www.opensourceintelligence.eu/ (will be launched in August 2017)
      2. Reuser's Repertorium: http://rr.reuser.biz
      3. Company website: http://osint.expert
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    Arno H.P. Reuser

    After a career as scientific librarian for the EU Joint Research Center and as reference librarian for the Scientific and Technical Documentation and Information Centre for the Armed Forces (TDCK), Arno switched to the Dutch Defence Intelligence & Security Service early 1990's.

    Arno founded and managed their Open Source Intelligence branch based on the latest techniques and best practices. Arno managed to design and implement a unique OSINT system to provide pinpoint answers to timely questions and requirements using a variety of open sources, the Internet, commerical information providers, as well as libraries.

    The methodology became widely known within the international intelligence community. Arno was increasingly invited globally to give workshops, training programmes and briefings on OSINT and Arno's methodology. The international recognition for his work culminated in a OSS Lifetime Award in 2006 and several other prices. In 2008 Arno established his company Reuser's Information Services in conjunction with his position at the service. The company quickly became very successfull. Arno thus decided in 2013 to go full-time ahead with his company together with partners.

    Today, Arno leads the company, he is the principal teacher, he writes journal articles, teaches, speaks, does (radio) interviews, podcasts (Spy Museum), does research and consultancy and travels worldwide to share his passion for OSINT.

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    All material on this website and the products created by Reuser's Information Services are protected by copyright law. The copright and other intellectual property rights belong to Reuser's Information Services or its teachers. None of the materials may be reproduced in any way, stored on networks, sold, resold, or used for instruction without written approval by Reuser's Information Services.

    The copyright and other intellectual property rights of links, photographic material, sources and websites mentioned and used during the programme - with the exception of products created by Reuser's Information Services - belong to the respective copyright owners.

    License and fair use

    Registered participants to the RIS OSINT Training Programme are permitted to use the training material to their own benefit. Fair use principles apply. Registered participants are allowed to use and store the training material on an electronic device for their own personal use.

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    Although great care has been taken to make sure that all information in this training programme was correct and complete at the time of compiling this website, it can always happen that amongst others, due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, websites and sources change at the last possible moment. The company Reuser's Information Services nor its representatives cannot take any responsibility for the use of the information presented. Use of all material is entirely at your own risk.

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    © Reuser's Information Services 2008-2017, Leiden, The Netherlands. Please contact Arno H.P. Reuser (a@reuser.biz) for further information. Registered KvK 2731-2325 Leiden